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  • Marissa George

Christmas Decorating Ideas

It is finally December, and chances are you are in one of two groups. The first group being those who have already decorated for the holiday ( i decorated November 1st..i know crazy), or the second group of people who have no idea where to begin....or for matter of fact, where their decorations from last year are. This is the time of year where being overwhelmed can become second nature. With hundred, if not thousands of holiday inspirations on the web, deciding what to buy or what you can DIY is where you want to start. Here are 6 decorating ideas to inspire you this holiday season.

String ornaments together to create an ornament thread. Check out Pretty Quirky's version here.

Brookstone Micro String Lights

Festive Garland Staircase from Style at Home

Budget friendly DIY projects don't have to be complicated. Make your own letters, or buy from your local arts and crafts store.

Take your Christmas decor to new heights with this Ornament Chandelier inspiration from

Simple and unique front door option for home owners or renters.

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