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  • Marissa George

Christmas 2017 Bucket List

It is officially the beginning of my favorite holiday, Christmas ! As someone who is obsessed with celebrating the holidays, every year there is a new challenge to find unique ways to foster my inner child. This year i wrote my list of places, foods, and celebratory events that i hope to experience this holiday season. Here are my 10 Christmas must do this holiday season.

1. See the Nutcracker. A couple of years ago my best friend and i went to the Lincoln center in New York and watch the Nutcracker there. It was so magical i knew that it would not be my last time watching the show. Rather than re-watch at the Lincoln center i am hoping to see it in San Francisco or San Jose.

2.Create different Hot Chocolate recipes. If you have been to Starbucks recently you would have noticed the four different flavors of Hot chocolate being offered. Of course i could just try them all, however it would be a lot more fun to make my own versions.

3. Read A Christmas Carol. I have watched the movie a million times, but have never taken the time to read the book. Reading is a great way to create a little peace during the holiday. Just Grab a blanket and curl up by the Christmas tree.

4.Watch Christmas movies. 25 days of Christmas on Free-form (formally Abc Family) yes please !

5. Donate to a local women's or family shelter. It is easy to forget the many families that do not have a home, or enough to give their kids for the holidays. Do not forget that this is the season of giving, not just to those who can already afford to buy their own gifts, but to those who have nothing at all. Check local shelters in the area and make a donation that will help a family in need.

6. Make Christmas treats. Cookies and pie galore ! What better time to eat guilt sweets than during the holidays.

7. Visit the Rockefeller Christmas tree. Every year my family and i find out way to the Rockefeller Christmas tree, and every year i gasp at how beautiful it is. It may not be any different than last year, but it is the tradition that matters most.

8. Host Christmas party. The Christmas season gives you every excuse to plan another gathering with your friends. So bring on the food, games and holiday cheer.

9. Check out the Christmas decor in my neighborhood. A great way to save on money and start a new tradition may be right in your neighborhood. I love walking around and looking at the Holiday displays that my neighbors put up. It is a great holiday activity to do with friends and family that require no extra expenses.

10. Write a note in Christmas cards. In this digital age, no one hand writes anything anymore. Growing up i loved receiving Christmas cards, it meant that someone took the time to write me a thoughtful note. Rather than sending a mass text, or tweet, take the time to write a thoughtful note in a Christmas card, i guarantee it will be a happy surprise for someone this holiday season.

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