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  • Marissa George

Birthday Edition : 32 Nuggets of Wisdom

In honor of my 32 birthday (June 28th), i have put together 32 nuggets of wisdom from me to you! Without further interruptions here are 32 things to consider.

1.Its never too late to make a change.

2.Never underestimate the power of fresh linens on a bed.

3.Enzyme exfoliants are life changing.

4.Lactic, glycolic, and AHA's will transform your skin.

5. Journaling is the best form of self care.

6.Be picky, your happiness depends on it.

7. Reading is the best form of nourishment for the soul.

8. Prayer heals, strengthens and brings people together.

9.Cherish good solid friendships.

10.Date when you are ready, not when anyone thinks you should.

11. Nourish the kid in you.Visit Disney World ;-)

12.Its ok to not watch alot of tv.

13. It's ok to not bandwagon whatever is "trending".

14.Spend less time scrolling and more time living.

15.Life doesn't expect you to do things by a certain age, society does.

16.Lindt hazelnut chocolate is the best chocolate.

17.Popcorn is the best snack.

18.Its ok to hate cooking.

19.It's ok to be young and a traditionalist. The world needs more old fashioned people.

20. Credit cards are not a necessity.

21.The only person pushing your timeline is you.

22.Throw out your time lines.

23.Be the person you hope to date or marry.

24.Its ok to take a nap when you're sad.

25.Lets stop telling people that "hussle" will make them happy.

26.Everyone should see a therapist at least once in their life.

27.Its ok to not care about making money off your passion.

28.Spend more time with yourself, and less time running away from being alone.

29.Its ok to not care about your social media following...or social media in general

30.Happiness is circumstantial.

31.Joy is found in contentment.

32.Spend more time loving yourself and less time wishing you were different.

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