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  • Marissa George

Long Overdue

I'm writing again because, well it's time to start writing again. It's been 22 months of creativity draining confusion, and a whole lot of life lived. i don't know about you, but I got lost in all the work from home, not seeing friends, trying to not catch covid-19, isolation mess of a world that is still our current world. And although i am not one for resolutions ( i try not to kid myself), I am desperate for a fresh start. I am desperate to feel different, to see the world differently, and to learn more about myself and God. Change, sometimes is a scary word, but I feel like it's long overdue, don't you?

These days my brain is split into pre-pandemic living and our current pandemic living. i find myself saying things like, "I need to go back to my pre-pandemic weight", "I was happier pre-pandemic", or "pre-pandemic I had more of a social life". Its funny how easily we think the past to be rosier than it actually was. For me, the truth is that if I look back to my prayer journal from March 2020, I was stressed, depressed and desperate for a break. Now 20 plus months later, to which I experienced more stress, deeper depression, and greater desperation for a break, I just want better for myself now, and to not hold onto a false outlook from the past.

So what exactly is my point? well I am not quite sure, this is my first post in a long time, I am a little rusty...but i think my point is, that change is now. it's happening with every decision we make, it's every morning when we open our eyes, whether we are fully aware of it or not, life is moving forward, isn't it time that we did the same?


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