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  • Marissa George

To the last Single woman in your Friends group

I remember it like it was yesterday, my friends and i gathering in one of our dorm rooms at our christian university pouring over many, many, many copies of Cosmopolitan magazine (christian woman are interested in sex too). Those were the days, dreaming about our weddings, writing our list, creating our pinterest boards and now like a scene from 27 weddings, you have a couple of bridesmaids dresses hung in your closet to "keep for another event", and one more friend changed to a Mrs.

Dont get me wrong, i love all of my girlfriends and i am beyond happy and excited for their new journey as a Mrs. But if you are like me over the age of 30 and finding the topic of conversation less about the hypothetical dream husband and more "we" statements than you ever thought could fit in a sentence, you may be trying to figure out where you fit in anymore, and whats a single gal who is the last single to do? Well you cry hard in your pillow or eat your weight in whatever snack your always trying to avoid, or just sign up to be a nun...Just kidding. Your life is not over and you still love your friends, remember? Is it ok to be happy wholeheartedly and be a tinge sad for yourself, absolutely ! But don't let the sad feeling linger, its time to clear the confetti, wipe the running mascara off your cheeks, give your bridesmaid dress to the goodwill (unless it really is super cute then totally keep it!) and start looking at the bright side of things.

For one, you don't have to be the sacrificial lamb! You get to learn from everyone and get great tips that you can probably apply to your own journey. If you have good friends ( as you should! Aint nobody got time for drama) they will still be your friends and you will gleam so much about wife life. Like how to watch sports when you don't want to, and how to do things that require compromise (spooky!). You will also hear about their struggle and what they wish they knew before. Sometimes the best lessons aren't the ones we learn but what we learn from each others setbacks. Don't ever think your relationships don't have value, you still need each other.

They'll give you hope. I totally know what it is like to see the years go by as you become extra EXTRA single, it can be depressing as hell. Luckily your married friends are great example of how God can still bless you with the desires of your heart no matter your past, your current struggles, and even if you doubt his promises to you. Many of my friend were single for a long time, actually many of us were single for our entire 20s, they give me hope that one day i too will walk down the aisle, and that there are still plenty of good men out there..somewhere.


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