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  • Marissa George

Word of the year : Purpose

A purposeful life, is one lived with intention... its a conscious life that is lived from the inside out. It was November of 2017 when i began to think about how i wanted to define 2018, and what word i wanted to influence my life. 2017 was my year of revival, in many ways i relearned my own stregnths, which was a great improvement, since so much of my 20s focused on my weaknesses. I will admit that turning 30 had alot to do with this switch in thinking. Suddently, the desire for more intensified. I wanted to lived differently, and i was determined to live differently. Fast forward to november 2017 , i was knee deep in epiphanies, and ready to dig deep into 2018.. i was ready to explore my purpose.

In an article titled The Pursuit of Perfection isnt as Noble as we Think, Mary Claire Lagroue writes the perfect statement about purpose, " Purpose acknowledges the greater good; it directs my efforts toward an end outside of myself.....purpose means being rooted in my faith and living with compassion." The idea behind this statement is that purpose, not perfection should be our real pursuit. Having abandoned the idea of perfection, i was already prepared for something deeper, and more rooted into what i belive would restore God plan for my life. I believed christ purposed christians to live for his purpose.

But..obtaining a word of the year is easy, and for many finding your purpose is a pursuit as broad and lengthy as the sea. It isnt enought to have a word of the year, what matters is how i can apply it to my everyday exsistence. With these thoughs, questions emerged... How can i live on purpose, how can i become rooted in faith and compassion. As i thought about these questions, i also thought about the obsticles that get in the way, and realized that there was only really one that prevents the deepening of faith and compassion, that is hesistancy.

If you have not watched Mel Robbins talk about her book - The Five Second Rule, you must do so now. Through a series of unfortuante events in her life, Mel Robbins began to re-evaluate the idea that movtivation is what gets us from point A to point B. She concluded that our brain will always talk us out of doing something we know needs to be done. We have five seconds between our first thought and making a decision. These five seconds if used correctly propells us into action before the deliberation begins. To live on purpose is to live without hesistation, it is basically a principle of action over feelings. Hesistation plays a part in preventing us from living on purpose, from living a deeper faith life, and steering us away from authentic compassion.

The foundation of our purpose should never change, and that is to live outside of ourself. This fundamental idea should never change, it is the basis of how we interact, connect and make decisions. In 2018 i plan to live on purpose, i intend to dive fulling into a life of compassion, service and faith. How will you define 2018, what will you put into place to turn your hesitations into action.

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