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  • Marissa George

TLE: 35th Birthday

A little over a week ago i turned 35! And although this post is late i wanted to share some lessons that are continuous in my life. i hope these sentiments speak to you and make you think about where you are in life, and the lessons you've learned or are continuously learning along the way.

  1. God has great plans for you.

My 20-year-old self would not believe all that I have accomplished, and how far God would take me. The journey hasn't been easy but through God's grace and mercy he has brought me further than i ever imagined.

2. The biggest blessing are unexpected...sort of.

When i look back over 35 years i laugh at the many twist and turns and unexpected events. One example is that i wanted to visit California for most of my teen years. Every time a tripped was planned, somehow it would be canceled. Fast forward to 2009 when i started looking into graduate schools and realized i may actually get to attend a school in California. I officially moved to California is 2011, after years of hoping i would get to visit. Living there was never on the agenda. Fast forward again a few years into graduate school and a friend and i try to plan a visit to northern California, San Francisco. Once again, canceled...and then in 2016 i accepted a job offer in the south bay. All that to say, plans get canceled, but God has always had bigger and better things in store for me.

3. The Self-love habits of your 20s carry over into your 30s.

Growing up i was fortunate enough to have cousins who taught me everything about fashion, nails, and how to care for myself as a woman. These lessons have stayed with me throughout my life, through weight gain, and weight loss, I can till look in the mirror and feel good about myself.

4. Waiting sucks, but the perseverance gained is worth it.

As it took me more than 10 years to actually get to California there are still areas in my life that are unwritten. I am still waiting to travel the world, and more dear to my heart I am still waiting for love. Waiting can be a very painful experience, but the hope I have has endured over the years. Through the disappointments, I've learned to persevere because the only other option is to give up. And a dream or desire abandoned will never be experienced in the fullness of joy. One day soon the wait will be over and the end result will have been worth it.

5. Nothing has to be figured out completely or planned perfectly.

I think i stopped planning my life at 29 when i got my unexpected career start in an unexpected place. Life is a lot simpler when we keep very loose plans and positive expectations. God has a way of working things out in His perfect timing, despite our efforts to move things along faster.

6. Quality over Quantity

With clothes, friends, and food, this lesson can transcend many areas in life. In this world of abundance, it can be hard to sift through what is actually worth paying attention to. Changing the mindset around needs and wants changes the way we approach all life's decisions. Whether that's choosing quality time at home alone over a big gathering, rewearing your favorite closet items instead of buying into the new trends, or taking the time to savor a good home cook meal rather than getting a quick takeout. Savored time is rarely regretted.

7. Abandon the hustle

I've learned the hard way that a faster pace, and overextending myself do NOT equate to quality production and peace of mind. It usually leaves me stressed and overwhelmed. As i get older i long for quality work, and quality leisure that can renew me and make me a better person. Not to mention slowing down allows me to pay more attention to my needs and the time to accommodate those needs.

What are some lessons you have learned over the years? Comment or share id love to hear from you.


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