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  • Marissa George

4 Signs That You Need a Break

A few weeks ago a wave of exhaustion hit me. It was not a surprise, because i was indeed very tired and running on very little sleep. Having experienced an outbreak of hives last June for what i can only imagine was extreme stress, i now know when it is time to take a break. The fast paced, always busy, do not disturb culture that we live in is the real deal. Americans are known to rarely use their allotted time off, and glorify the amount of hours spent working per week. These habits are not healthy, and should never be seen as, " a necessary part of adulthood". Its a bad habit plane and simple. Lack of self awareness, combined with not being in-tune to our bodies needs, results to obtaining unhealthy habits to compensate.

Many of us unaware of the signs of an impending breakdown, sickness, or burnout. Being aware, and learning them is an easy task; spend the time paying attention to what your needs are, its as simple as that. To start you off these are four common signs that you need a break.

Insomnia. This is a big one for me. Not being able to get a decent amount of sleep is a sure sign of our brains not being able to power down. Unhealthy sleep habits, like working in bed, or watching Tv before bed can attribute to the problem. Two night of no sleep is enough to throw your concentration, and mood completely off. If you can not sleep, first pay attention to what you do before you go to bed, are you feeling stressed?, Do you have a routine to help you relax? Second look at the quality of your surroundings, Is your room too warm, is it messy, is there to much noise. Sometimes making small changes can make a difference in the quality of sleep.

Physical sickness. As mentioned before i had hives for the first time last year June. It was alarming enough to make me pay attention to what was causing the outbreaks. Once i ruled out food, i knew the next place to look was my work and personal life. Looking back i know now that i had too much stress and not enough self care. Physical sickness is always a sign that something is off. If you are getting frequent colds, mystery muscle pains, hives, see a doctor to figure out the source of these occurrences. We only have one body, why not take care of it.

Changing Temperament. No one wants to be on the receiving end of an angry melt down. If you are going home and your family members are avoiding you, its time for an intervention. Sudden and frequent changes in moods is a sign of something wrong. This does not always allude to a serious psychological problem, stress can also be a factor. Changes in the work environment, or a relationship that causes strain. What ever the source, seeking out professional help can be a good option. A professional can help lead you to making a decision that can improve your quality of living. If a qualified professional is not within your grasp, seek the help of a trusted friend who can give you valid non judgmental feedback.

Neglect. Finding it difficult to complete simple task, and maintain self care should not be a recurring problem. Everyone struggles to conquer the dreaded to do list, however if you find yourself not motivated, or avoiding important self care regimen it may be time to take a break and/or seek help. Neglect does not always have to be extreme. Avoiding, or not"feeling" like doing something small usually adds up to neglecting the big important things. At the point when neglectfulness is reached, it can be a clear indication of exhaustion or lack of mental clarity. If your surrounding is messy, hiring someone to clean your home can alleviate the added stress of maintaining a clean environment. If hiring is not economical for you, ask a trusted friend to help you declutter and organize. The less things you have the easier it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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