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  • Marissa George

TLE: The Fall Reading list 2023

I have always loved reading. I remember being a preteen when I picked up my first Jane Austin book. From then on I inhaled many classics and found a love for murder mysteries (James Patterson, Agatha Christie, Mary Higgins Clark) and other fictional books. These days it can be a fight to spend time reading, like everyone else scrolling through social media has become my favorite pastime and bad habit.

As we are in a new season, There is no better time to jump back into the books and authors i fell in love with so many years ago and discover some new ones. I hope that these books inspire you to put down your phone, pick up a new habit, and find a new adventure.

Mary Higgins Clark : The Lottery Winner

Richard Osman : The Thursday Murder Club

James Patterson : 1st to Die

John Eldredge : Resilient

Olivia GoldSmith : First Wives Club

Andy Stanley : Visioneering

*You may notice these links send you to Barnes and Noble and not Amazon. While i love Amazon, i do believe that they are taking away business from many brick-and-mortar stores, especially traditional bookstores. I encourage you to find a local bookstore, or a Barnes & Noble when purchasing books, it is the best way to keep these stores in business. *


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