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  • Marissa George

Five websites worth reading

These days when we think of the internet we think of social media giants like Facebook. We click a button and spend hours checking our emails, or roaming around Facebook. But, surprise, surprise there are a lot more readable content online than whatever new junk we receive in our emails, or news feed. As someone who has always loved reading, post graduate school i found myself so desperate for more than the psycho-educational books i had to read for graduate school. So i turned to the internet for some free light reading. Its been some time since my search, and i have found some great reads that i think are worth diverting from usual social media news feeds and emails. Below are five of my favorite binge worthy site.

Career Contessa. I found Career Contessa through Pinterest and was instantly hooked. Ironically it was an appropriate time for me to find this site. CC content are mainly for post college women looking to find their niche in the working world. I found their successful women interviews insightful, and the content motivating. If you are a post college women, or just a regular working gal looking for insightful topics about the workforce, this is a good place to start.

The Tig I actually do not know how i stumbled upon The Tig. It was probably around the time i was binge watching suits/ googling how to dress like Megan Markle's character Rachel Zane. Or once again this might have been a Pinterest find. The Tig is total lifestyle blogging goals for me. Creator and EIC Megan Markle features her many travels adventures, as well as insights into travel worthy cities, recipes from top chefs, and inspiring interviews with influencers like Priyanka Chopra and Serena Williams. Browsing through The Tig is a happy experience, like day dreaming about places you wish you could visit, food you would love to eat, and people you are dying to talk to.

Mindbodygreen To browse mind body green it is required that you curl up in your most comfortable blanket or throw, while sipping a hot cup of herbal tea. Well its not exactly required, but that's definitely the vibe this site gives. Mind body green is a holistic junkies heaven. There are a variety of articles about yoga trends, sleep, gut health, relationships, detox and meditation just to name a few topics. If your overall purpose is achieving a healthy lifestyle on every level, this site is a great place to gather information.

Verily Magazine If your not into the hipster vibe of Mind Body Green, and prefer a site with more cultural and lifestyle relevance Verily magazine is that site. I can not tell you how many times, i have sat up at night reading through six or eight articles on this site. This site is a mecca for creative how-to's, best practice and advice columns. The topics range from beauty, fashion, lifestyle, relationship, culture and health.

Tirzah Tirzah is one of the best christian lifestyle sites i have come across. The site covers a range of relevant topics christian women face today. What i love about this site, is that its message is not just read your bible everyday with post littered with bible text. Its women writing about the grey areas in life and how the bible and world addresses these them. Tirzah is written with the intention of reaching modern women looking to live a Godly life among the noise of everyday life.

Other Favorites worth mentioning She Reads Truth. A daily bible study and topical reading site. Modern Vintage Life. One tree hill alum Bethany lenz vintage-esque lifestyle site.

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