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  • Marissa George

Grace Thornton : I Don't Wait Anymore

What if i told you that there was more to life than waiting for our expectations to be fulfilled. What if i told you that the future spouse, the raise at work, or the approved mortgage may never come? Would you be ok with not waiting anymore? Grace Thornton presents these questions to her readers, beckoning us to let go of expectations, and find freedom where true fulfillment exist, with God.

We've acquired the belief that the achievement of things, whether that is a person, or a material item, is all part, be that an important part of the human experience. God of course is a factor, but not THE main achievement, just one of the many things we try and should juggle. I personally have dreams, all of which are of the utmost importance to me. For myself, and i am sure many of you dreams give us something to work towards, they give us a purpose in this crazy world we live in. For many who live an average life, with a sometimes mundane daily routine, having something to work towards, to hope for is all that separates a purposeful life, from a wasted one.

As a christian i often think about where God fits into our desires, and it is so difficult to keep God at the top of the pile, rather we let Him slip between the many expectations we have. Not once, or at least not very often have i thought about the pile itself, and how if affects my relationship with my all knowing, all powerful creator. It is a shame, it is just what we do. We prioritize God on our list of everyday endeavors, we put a check next to his name and move on to the next item. The challenge Grace presents is not a new one, but her words remind us of what we already know but often forget. God should be THE source of our desire, having him be just a desire should never be good enough.

True fulfillment requires making a decision about how we spend out time, who we give our attention to, and what are our priorities. For Grace Thornton it took many turns in her journey to set into motion her new search for true discipleship. The message of this book is simple, "we are made to want more, and there is a reason for that." Freedom and fulfillment are the added benefits of discipleship. Settling for less than God can never bring fulfillment.

Three Questions to ask while reading. 1.Favorite chapter in the book. Chapter Five: Better than our dreams. This chapter speaks to our inner soul that nags to us that there has to be more to this life that chasing.

2. Three meaningful quote. -"He didnt come for us to wrap our minds around Him; He came to wrap his arms around us, to show us the heart of a Father, to give us a taste of what's to come."

-He brought himself here to that we could know him, not how to manipulate the life we want from him."

-We think if we could just get that one thing we wanted, it would quell some of our hunger......Our hunger's manageable, so we feel like God works well as a side item."

3. The take away.

God seeks our hearts every single day without fail, knowing that we will choose everything else but him. Yet he still reaching out his hand, hoping to give us the life he knows would completely satisfy us.

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