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  • Marissa George

Five ways to take back your weekends

I live for the weekend ! In high school hearing the last bell ring on Friday brought me nothing but pure joy. As an adult working in education, i still get that euphoric feeling every time the last bell rings. And most of the time, i beat the students out the door! Weekend, symbolize rest, relaxation, connection, and me time. These days, my weekends are plagued with a mile long to-do list and endless, ENDLESS chores. Feeling like i was being robbed every weekend, i decided it was time to take back what is mine, the weekend. Below are four ways you can take back your weekend, and revert it back to the highlight of the week.

It starts with Thursday

Growing up my mom would make my siblings and i clean up in preparation for Sabbath (Sabbath started Friday night sunset ), and the next school week, on a Thursday ! I hated doing these activities, but as a busy adult i see the point . Even if you are not religious, the idea of preparing for your weekend on a Thursday evening if genius. Confirming weekend activities, creating a weekend shopping list, laundry , all the activities we all leave for Sunday or Saturday and regret, start it on a Thursday. It can take some getting use to, but you will thank me when your weekends are free of chores.

Prep for Monday, on Sunday mornings

I do not know about you, but on a Sunday night the last thing i want to do is prep anything for Monday. I am usually watching a movie, or heading home after a long day with friends. We know that we are our most energetic in the mornings, so why not use those mornings to organize, meal prep, and pack lunch for the week ahead. You will thank yourself when it is noon on a Sunday, and you do not have to think about Monday, because everything is done.

Keep your usual bedtime

I know it is easy to get excited Friday night, and stay up way to late, and sleep in till noon on Saturday. Not good. To be fair, twice a month might be ok, but every weekend is a waste of your time. Remember you want to get the most out of your days, especially during the winter months when we have less daylight. Keeping your weekday bedtime assures that you wake up early enough to start your days activities. It does not mean you have to rush like you do during the week, it just keeps your body in check, so that Monday morning you are not struggling to get out of bed.


The weekend should be slow paced, i think we spend so much time running around Monday to Friday, we forget how to slow down and savor every moment of the weekend. For me personally that means, making a good cup of tea, bring it back to bed while i read my devotion or watch cartoons. It could also mean taking a nice walk around the neighborhood, or making a gourmet breakfast. Whatever it is, savor it, slow it down and enjoy every moment.


We all have a Monday to Friday routine, but not many of us have Saturday to Sunday routine. Not having a routine, means you waste time and wonder Sunday night where your weekend went. Of course we want to savor and enjoy the weekend, but we need a routine that makes us accountable for our time. A routine does not have to be boring, one of the things i routinely do on a Sunday is visit Barnes and Nobles. I love books, i find it relaxing and enjoyable to browse, so its something i try to do every weekend. Yours might be visiting different farmers markets, museums, or catching a game at your nearby park. Whatever it is make it routine, bring back enjoyment into your two days by choosing how to spend your days without the Sunday night regret.

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