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  • Marissa George

10 Reasons why you are more than just "Single"

Over the last couple of months, we have seen alot of redefining moments in our society, especially in the women's movement. Wide eyed, and curious with anticipation, we are fully aware of what is happening in the world, and how it might affect our lives, or the people close to us. As a single women, i also see the single lifestyle changing, and being redefined from the "waiting room" phase defined by the previous generations. As women actively living and contributing in this world, we have so much to offer, and redefining the way we view our lives is a great starting point. Here are 10 reasons why you are more than just single.

1. You are cultured at you know it. You are well educated, diversified , and aware of the world around you. You visit museums, read quality books, and have something to contribute. You are aware of the opportunities to learn new things and you take advantage of them.

2. You have flexibility. You relish the freedom that comes with being single. You enjoy doing what you want, when you want and are unapologetic about it.

3.You have close friendships and you maintain them. You know that you are already apart of quality relationships. You know that they come in many forms and you cherish the important ones in your life. You know the importance of maintaining friendships, because these friendships are just as much of a soulmate package as any other romantic relationship you might be in.

4.You know your Career options and you are choosing a path. You don't just have a job, you are on a career path. You are working to gain the skills necessary to be a master of your craft. And if you are unsatisfied, you are making moves towards a path that is more fulfilling.

5. You Live and explore your passion. There is life outside of your 9-5, and you are living it. Whether that is in a book club, painting a portrait, or writing a novel. Your passions create a happy balance in your.

6. You focus on your spiritual walk. God is present in your life. You understand that putting your relationship with him first is the only way to live your life.

7. You know that your bucket list won't check itself off. You are not just making a list, you are living the list. Everyday is a new day to check something off your list.

8. You don't always throw caution to the live intentionally. You understand the importance of living with intentionality, doing so isn't just "adulting", it's making a conscious choice to live and move in such a way to create a meaningful impact.

9. Your not broke, your financially savvy...or learning to be. You understand that can not live without money, so why not get a hold of it before it gets a hold on you. You understand that being financially savvy is not an automatic addition to adulthood, but a skill learned throughout adulthood. You are taking a class, making sacrifices, and learning to budget, because being broke with a career is no way to live.

10. Your vain and that's ok. Health and fitness are keys to happiness, learning to take care of your internal health is just as important as your external appearance. Be vain, that's ok ! No one can care about how you look and feel as much as you can, make an effort.

11. (Bonus) You celebrate others. Another wedding or baby announcement in the mail, that's ok ! You celebrate the happy changes in the lives of those you love. You embrace them wholeheartedly, because if it were you , you would want to be celebrated to.

You've got alot to offer, period. Whether that is at your job, within your friends group, church, or your neighborhood. These 10 reasons remind us as single women that we are more than just "single", we are already living life, and maintaining a lifestyle. Enjoy who you are, and where you are, because you have worked hard, and you deserve to celebrate where you are in life.

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