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  • Marissa George

Pre-Holiday Cleaning Tips

Around this time a year, right before Thanksgiving, the holiday madness begins. Endless to-do list, and long checkout lines, means we are stressed, and attempting to do it all while hoping we do not forget something. The holidays are all about the food, presents, and gathering, the last thing on anyone's mind is cleaning, or getting their home ready for the holiday season. Preparing our homes for the endless foot traffic it will receive between Thanksgiving and new years eve isn't always at the top of the list. However, you can never be too prepared, and no long likes last minute surprises. Here are 10 cleaning tips and tricks to check off your list during the holiday season.

1.Clean and organize your refrigerator. If there was ever a time when you wanted extra space in your refrigerator, it's now. Defrosting, sanitizing, and tossing out old and expired food, will give you the extra space needed to store all of your left overs from Thanksgiving to New Years Eve.

2.Check all cutlery and dinnerware. Check dinnerware and cutlery for chips, or stains. Doing so before hand saves you from the embarrassment of not having enough dinnerware for everyone, or discovering that your cutlery is not clean.

3.Have a plan for the four days leading up to the holiday. Having a plan will save you from running around like a headless turkey (get it!). When you know what each day will entail you are able to spend your time wisely and get everything done before your first guest arrives.

4.Wash all fabrics, cushions and curtains included. No one wants to sit at a table or a sofa with obvious stains on them, check your labels and wash accordingly.

5.Clean your dishwasher, stove and microwave. Chances are your dishwasher, stove, and microwave will be working overtime. Cleaning them before major holidays is a maintenance checklist must. Machines malfunction, but making sure they are well maintained guarantees longevity.

6.Free up space in your coat closet. The first thing guest do when they enter your house is remove their coats, and sometimes shoes. Make sure to have organized designated space in your coat closet, or on coat racks to avoid a coat pile-up. It also makes it easier for guest to find their coat when departing.

7.Buy extra shoe racks/ have socks or slipper available for guest. If you require guest to remove their shoes, make sure to have new socks, or slippers for those who wish to use them.

8.Stock up on Tupperware and foil. There will be leftovers, and we love leftovers. What we do not love is giving away all of our glassware, knowing we will never get it back. Purchase inexpensive plastic tupperware for guest to take home. Be sure to always have extra foil handy too.

9.Have a clean and stocked bathroom. Always have extra toilet paper, feminine products, and hand soap, on hand for your guest. Everything they need should be within reach without the awkward through the bathroom door conversation.

10. Candles, and plug-ins. 20 guest set to show up to your house? no problem. Candles and plug ins keep the home smelling great when the guest arrive and when they leave.

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