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  • Marissa George

Five ways to stay sane this holiday season

The long lines and endless circles around the mall parking lot, is enough to make anyone throw up there hands up and say bah-humbug ! The Christmas season, though a festive time is also a very , very stressful time. Not only do you still have to go to your everyday job, but you have to plan parties, create menu's and prep for family visits. There is always one more thing to add to the To-do list, and checking one item off never seems enough. Finding ways to cut cost and cut the stress is really all we want, but can never seem to achieve. So..Because it is the season of giving, and because i like to think of these things so you do not have to. Here are 5 ways to minimize or eliminate some of the stress that come with Christmas season.

1.Shop in the a.m. If you are a last minute shopper, the best thing you can do is shop when stores open. Waiting till midday (12pm to 3pm are usually high mall traffic times) will only make you feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

2. Set up a shopping email. The best way to stay on top of holiday sales without missing great deals, or spending an endless amount of time surfing the web, is to set up an email just for coupons and deals. I know what you are thinking, you do not want a bunch of coupons spamming your email, neither do i . To avoid this, i keep a separate email just for my favorite shopping sites, and store membership emails. Trust me you will thank me when you have one place to look for your deals.

3. Use cash. If you are on a budget... like the rest of America, and you find yourself over budget every single year, use cash. Using cash will keep your spending on track, and keep you from going into debt during the holidays. Allot a cash amount of each person on your list. put that amount in an envelop and only use that amount. When your cash runs out, your shopping trip is finished and hopefully you have spent your money on a great gift within your budget.

4.Be realistic. No one can do it all, period. Set boundaries with how many thing you will sign up for, there is no need to do it all when you have the option to say no. This is supposed to me a festive time, not one fill with anxiety or stress. Be realistic, set those boundaries, you will thank yourself later.

5.Stay in the moment. Remember to stop and enjoy all the little moments that happen during this time of year. This is the time to stop, reflect, and enjoy all the blessings we have received throughout the year. The holidays is more than the gifts, parties , and endless shopping, it is also about gathering, sharing, and enjoying the company of the people we call friends and family.

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