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  • Marissa George

5 Things Every Women Should think about in January

We are officially 10 days into January, can you believe it?! Our Christmas decor is tucked away, and we have vision boards, resolutions and 2018 goals ready to be executed. As much as we all hope that our lofty goals happen, and that our vision boards come to life before our eyes. It is usually the small baby step changes that have lasting effects throughout the year. January is the Monday of all the months, the way we start our January, the habits we work on every day, will create a ripple effect throughout the year.

Whether you are one of the women who has already conquered half of her goals (This women does not exist 10 days into a new year), or if you are still knee deep in egg nogg and baileys hot chocolate, there is something here for everyone to contemplate. Here are my top five things to pay attention to in the month of January.

1. Your Skin/Hair.

If you live in the east coast, or any part of the United States that experienced the "bomb cyclone" and freezing temperatures last week, chances are your hair and skin are crying out for help. For me, January is usually the time when i really notice changes in my skin and hair. With winter in full swing, and colder temperatures everywhere, it is the perfect time to moisturize, moisturize , moisturize. Switching up your skin and hair route is imperative, to avoid dry cracked skin, and a dry flaky scalp. Using the same lighter products from summer, in the winter may work for some, but not for most. Look for products that have hydrating ingredients that will protect your skin and hair from the elements. (My favorite skin here)

2. Your Finances.

Its a good rule of thumb to always check your balances after the holiday season. January is usually the time where most people re-evaluate their budget, and create an action plan to get back on track. Not to mention, tax season is rapidly approaching! Spend quality, no rush time combing through your checking, saving, and credit card statements. I know it is no ones idea of fun, but creating this monthly habit will benefit you throughout the year. (My favorite budgeting tool here)

3.Your Work Life.

The After holiday work slump is the real deal. Going back to work after New years day is ridiculously hard, and somewhat depressing . However, if you find yourself struggling longer than usual, it may be time to re-evaluate your career goals. Staying in a job that does not fulfill induces stress, and worse depression. Whether or not you are fulfilled or unfulfilled, a new year should motive questions about your work life. Ask yourself these questions, have i outgrown my position? Am i on the right course, or am i off track?, Do i feel valued by my peers, and lastly does my job challenge me, and add value to my career. It is important to ask yourself the hard questions, or seek guidance from a trusted professional in your network. A new year is the perfect time to seek out new opportunities, and plan for a better present and future.

4.Your Mental Health.

Goals and resolutions are impossible to reach if the knowledge of your mental health is non-existent. Pay attention to how you feel, and what you are thinking on a daily basis. Make time to reflect about your self value level. Feeling less valued is a sure sign that something other than your care is priority. Does a certain situation, or person make you feel anxious or depressed? Do you find yourself in an endless cycle of sadness or anxiety. Seek the help of a credentialed mental health professional. A counselor, or therapist who can provide you the tools needed to live everyday at your best potential.

5.Your Fun Level.

We live a world where we spend way to much time talking about the things that stress us out, and little to no time talking about what makes us feel happy and motivated. All work and no a pretty boring life. Check your fun level, make plans to do what excites you this year, and for heavens sake use your vacation time ! My financial coach once told me to make room in my budget for something fun, and she was right. If you make excuses not to enjoy your life, you will not enjoy your life. We were created to do more than exist. When we make room for the things we enjoy, we loosen our grip on stress and have something to look forward to.

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