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  • Marissa George

Resolutions solutions : Five ways to stay on top of your goals

We are almost at the halfway point in the first month of 2018 and i have to admit, my goal ending bad habits are creepy up behind the "new year, new me" confetti dust. January is an exciting month, it is the epitome of a new chapter, and gives a fresh outlook on life. However, without upkeep, or maintenance our resolutions, goals, and vision board becoming forgotten by mid February.

No one really wants to repeat the same goal killing mistakes made every year. If we think about what really sustains our goals, and what really makes them stick throughout the year, the solutions are fairly simple and not in the least complicated. Like most things worth doing, or going after it takes consistent effort.

Here are five ways to stay on top of your goals, and guarantee success throughout the year.

1. Accountability.

Vision board parties are great, but having an accountability partner is better. You say you want to fix your finances, great! Tell a trusted friend who you know will check in on your progress and hold you accountable to your goals. When we tell someone what we intend to accomplish, it drives us to actually accomplish the goal, especially if told to a large number of people. And if telling a group of friends isn't enough of a push, add a cash value to it. Set a finishing date and allot a certain amount of money to each friend if you do not accomplish set goal. Will definitely add a push to get things done. Nothing will keep laser focused as the potential of losing money.


Taking care of our needs has a direct impact on how much we accomplish throughout our day. And if we have given ourselves a deadline, every waking moment counts. Make sure to eat three healthy meals a day, some form of exercise, and sleep will keep us refreshed and motivated everyday. Running on caffeine, greasy food, and no sleep will get you nowhere real fast. Take care of your body, and your body will take care of you.

3. Monthly check-ins.

Every month is an opportunity to check in with yourself about your progress. Resolutions and goals do not carry themselves, they take maintenance, monthly maintenance. This is definitely a habit that will refresh your motivation and keep you going throughout the year.

4.Create a routine and stick with it.

A routine is a girls best friend, or at least that's how i would phrase it. To not have a routine is to waste valuable time spent doing the work needed to reach a goal. Create a routine that works with your lifestyle, do not adopt someone else's. Think of how you would like to feel when you slip into bed at night. Do you want to feel relaxed knowing that you have spent your time wisely, or frantic knowing that you have to play catch-up the next day. A routine does not necessarily mean checking something off a list, but rather using the time given wisely to do something that will benefit your peace of mind. Its not too late, create a routine and stick with it. You will thank yourself later.

5.Celebrate success.

Every milestone is worth celebrating, whether it is a small amount saved in the bank, or finally organizing a room. Remember not all goals need to be lofty goals, it is the small things that benefit our every day life that matters most. Remember to celebrate along the way, small victories turn into positive habits that improve our lifestyle.

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