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  • Marissa George

So its almost 2019, What Have you Accomplish this year?

As i sit at my desk at work, middle school kids screaming carefree during lunch time, i am hunched over reading an article from The Every Girl called " I'm 31 and single, why its hard and great at the time (click here to read). Its one of those articles that literally spoke so deep into my soul, that i immediately wondered if i secretly wrote it in my sleep, sent it to The Every Girl and forgot about it. All jokes aside, the wheels started turning and i started thinking about how we are mere days from Thanksgiving, weeks from Christmas, and practically at New Years eve. 2019 is around the corner, what have you accomplished this year. This phrase, like a haunted voice in my head gives me legit chills, every time in comes around at the end of a year. I start thinking, how has another year gone by, how, oh how am i going to be 32 next year and, still single, still trying to figure out life, still trying to not shop my bank account away, still struggling spiritually as a christian. It seems like a broken record that is being played, over and over again since i was 21.

Its around this time of year that i really wonder where my life is going, don't you? I mean how can we not. If you are single during the holidays, you suddenly notice that everyone is booed up, and now just like that, you feel painfully singleness. If you are at a job you hate and realize you can barely get by during the holidays, you wonder why you have not found a new job, or why you still have not tried to find a new job. The list of, why haven't i, or why am i still, are endless. But i think there are good reasons for them. Can you imagine if we never celebrated a new year, or we were never aware or time going by, we would never examine our lives, we would never attempt to make changes. We would all be stuck.

Despite the list of did not do's, a year is more than a 12 month period to check things off a list. We have that time to strengthen relationships, start new relationships, and genuinely enjoy and remember happy moments. Time does go by very fast, and what we hope we can accomplish, or get does not always have the same time frame we have. Maybe you still need to learn a lot from your current life circumstance, maybe it is not time for a new chapter. Whatever the reasoning, and of course we can sit around all day wondering why, its time to just live. To drop our expectations, and take everyday as it comes.

At the end of the day, good days and bad days happen, but it should never designate your year as either good or bad. It cheapens our existence as evolving human beings, and cheapens the lessons behind our experiences. So, if you are like me and realized that it is almost 2019, and you start wondering what you accomplished this year, Stop it. You did plenty, and you will continue to do plenty, let go of those expectations and just live.

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