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  • Marissa George

Post Holiday Recovery: Five Things to refresh you in the New year

Your ornaments are packed away, your tree a distant memory, and you just ate the last bit of cake left over from the holidays. Its officially the end of what seems like an endless stream of parties, host gifts, and high fruit corn syrup everything. Now that the confetti dust has settled, it is times to reset out lives and try to get back to a healthier lifestyle. Having a plan for your post holiday recovery is a serious matter, no one wants to be that person still exhausted from the holidays in mid January, or still craving sugary everything. Its time to have a plan, and its time to find our way back to normal. Here are five ways to jump start the post holiday recover.

Clear out your Refrigerator

Nothing says i am on the right track, like a clean refrigerator. Its time to toss all left over food, and dare i say especially if it was from thanksgiving (gross!). By getting rid of the temptations you are much more likely to replace it with clean and fresh ingredients. Not to mention it will keep you motivated to consistently keep your kitchen space clean.

Organize your holiday decor

There is nothing more frustrating than searching for your holiday stuff and not remembering where you put it , or realizing that you threw everything into a box and now you have a giant tangled mess of Christmas lights and ornaments. Make it a priority to organize and find a storage space for your decor, doing so will ensure you a happier experience next holiday season.

Create a new routine

Chances are your routine went out the window once thanksgiving came around. That's normal, we travel around, we go to parties, visit family, have lots of extra trips to the mall and grocery store, it is normal that our normal routine would get altered to accommodate our long holiday To-do list. Now that the holidays are over its time to prioritize how to spend your time, and the best way to get into a routine is to create one. So if your pre holiday routine allowed you to be in bed by 10pm, but now you cant sleep before 1am. Make adjustments to your day so that you are in a better position to get more of what you want and need.

Hit the Gym

Ok so you know this one was coming. i know it is cliche and everyone who has a vocabulary is going to tell you to make going to the gym a top priority, and i am here to tell you....that they are right ! If you are like me and you throw out all knowledge of healthy eating, and you ate everything, at any time of day or night, and you are basically part high fructose corn syrup by the time January 1st roles around, its time for a change. Not just to shed the holiday pounds, but it is the best form of recovery when our bodies have been put through hell for a month. Not to mention that many gyms offer new members discount, as well as free classes to try out at the start of the year. And if a traditional gym is not your thing, try a fitness class , or get your steps in on that new fitbit or apple watch you no doubtedly received for Christmas. The point is to start moving, your recovery awaits.


The holidays are a great time, there are parties, traveling, family functions, church functions, community functions, and just an endless amount of fun. While all these things are great, they can also be incredibly exhausting, and when you think about the fact that many of us are non stop from thanksgiving through to new years, its no wonder we feel too exhausted to function in the new year. Well i am here to tell you to relax, if you feel burnt out it is time to make yourself a priority. Neglect is the biggest reason why we often feel burnt out. We neglect all the things that our bodies and mind need to function optimally. Start by writing out how you are feeling. Do you have anxiety about the new year, are you physically exhausted, or feeling ill? Before you can find a solution, you must first find the problem. Before anything else the best form of recovery is knowing what you need to feel your best. Besides no one wants to go into a new year feeling haggard. So relax already.

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