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  • Marissa George

My Current Reading List

Hello again friends ! Its been a very busy couple of weeks, and writing on my blog definitely took a back seat. Now that the dust has somewhat settled, its time to start writing and share some of the things i have been reading. As mentioned in one of my post, or more like most of my post.. I am really trying to distance myself from social media and television and start going back to the things that once made me happy. Reading and writing are on the top of that happiness list. There was once a time when social media did not exist, and all i had was books and a very few network shows as my entertainment. So basically i never picked up my phone. In recent weeks stress and exhaustion has clarified a few things for me, and confirmed my suspicions that going back to the basics of life is what i need to feel more balanced and whole. So today i am sharing my current reading list that i hope to finish by June. Some of these are rereads, but most are new books that i can not wait to begin. Reading has always felt like home to me, its a place where my imagination could run wild, and my introvertedness feels less threatned by comparison. It is also a place of inspiration for me as i hope to write a book of my own one day. Please feel free to send me your book recommendations, and i would love to know if you have read any of the books above.

Currently Reading

Searching for Spring

Defiant Joy

The Big life

Old favorites

The Single state of mind * Absolutely hilarious*

Chasing Harry Winston * Read over 6 years ago and still remains a favorite*

Because i am a romantic at heart

The Proposal

The Wedding Date

Motivation for my Dream of Entrepreneurship

The Big Life

Brave Enough

Girl Wash your face

Better than Before

Motivation for my Christian faith


I Want it all

Women of the word

Beautiful Uncertainty

Soulful Simplicity

Will read anything written by Michelle Obama


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