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  • Marissa George

My Intentional Self-Care strategy

The biggest mistake i made when isolation started back in March was to lean into laziness. When my school district announced that it would be closing its doors as of March 16th i felt elated (Totally naive). The expectation was that we would be back to work by early April, for me that meant almost a month of relaxation.


My once pretty strict routine was thrown out of the window almost immediately. My 9pm bedtime turned into 1:00 am, my 7:00 am wake-up turned into whenever-my-body-wanted-to-wake-up, and because of these small but significant changes, i found myself in a 3.5 month emotional, spiritual, and physical hole that i struggled intensely to get out of.

Looking back i cringe at how easily i let my routine slip, and how badly i paid for it. I am now confident that for me to flourish physically, socially, and spiritually i need balance. Binge watching Netflix (which isnt my thing), or laying in bed for too long after i wake up (totally my thing) doesnt make Marissa an overall joyful girl. As i inch closer to the end of my summer staycation with my parents and closer to reality back in california i am determined not to fail twice in a row. I am choosing to take responsibility of my wellbeing and not just do what i feel.

The gospel of Matthew and Mark in the new testament both account the human consition. Both text say that, " The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak, " ( Matthew 26:41 & Mark 14:38). In lamen terms it means that our feelings will almost always lead us astray from the consistency and hard work it takes to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit. With that in mind its important to always think twice when your automatic reaction is to not do something that you know is necessary for your wellbeing.

In the spirit of wanting to start and stay on the right track ive come up with intentional ways i can maintain my wellbeing. Everyone's version of self-care if very different, for me self-care starts with my mind and heart. When my mind and heart are fed from Gods word, and from inspiration that aligns with Jesus's teaching it creates a ripple effect throughout the rest of my life. Below are some examples the things i will adapt as part of my routine.

Feeding My mind & spirit.

  • Bible & Devotional Reading

  • Writing Daily (Written in journals since the age of 11)

  • Reading for leisure

  • Unplugging and remaining present frequently and consistently

Feeding my body

  • Being mindful but not restrictive of what i eat. Focusing on nutrient-dense foods to nourish, but also allowing myself to indulge when appropriate.

  • Spending time in some physical activity preferably outdoors (Safely with my mask).

Feeding my heart

  • Spending quality time with friends/family via phone or video messaging

  • Safely spending quality time with friends/family in person as much as safely possible (This is a big deal if you are single and alone)


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