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  • Marissa George

The Healing Power of Love

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

It was an ordinary day when i realized that I was already loved. There was no big miracle, no grand gesture, and no romance.

I wish I grew up knowing just how deeply loved I am by God. I wouldn't have cared so much about being "good", or worked so darn hard for approval, pouring out all I had, only to be disappointed with the lack of approval.

Maybe, just maybe, I would not have felt such anger when he (God) didn't do what I wanted him to, when I wanted him to. I would only momentarily be disappointed, ultimately remembering that someone who loves me as much as he does, would never give me anything that would harm me, even if I begged for it. For every disappointing circumstance, he cushions me with his tender care, because he is compassionate and cares about what saddens me.

If I had known sooner I wouldn't have spent much of the last two years so deeply devastated by my singleness, I would have felt secure and cared for by a savior who has consistently loved me and has known me before i made an appearance on this earth.

I wouldn't have cared if I were seen by others, because i am already seen, heard, and known by my loving savior Jesus Christ.

I would know that every problem i have, he already knows about, and is deeply hoping that I would lay them at his feet.

I wouldn't feel alone, because I would know that he knows the deep longings of my heart and is planning on satisfying them all by his power and will.

I wouldn't fear the future because I would know that I am securely cared for by the God of the universe who is always many steps ahead of me.

Like a small child curious, and naive to the world around them, at times I venture away. But when I look up, I see my loving heavenly father's hand, reaching towards me to embrace him. He is never far from me. He is always lovingly watching me, hoping that I could understand just how much he deeply loves me.


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