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  • Marissa George

Food Guide : San Jose

Get to know San Jose and south bay by this one day food guide. Start with a diner style dinner, stop for taco's after you shop, and finish with savory Middle eastern cuisine.

San Jose is an underrated jewels of the south bay, and the home to many of "silicon valley's" tech companies. Aside from the multi-million dollar companies, San Jose has alot to offer. A growing downtown scene, great shopping, a variety of museums, quaint neighborhoods, and most importantly good food. The south bay being home to many cultures and ethnicity, provide visitors with cuisine from all around the world. Whether you are looking for the all american diner experience, taco's (who doesn't like tacos ?!) or feeling adventurous enough to try a Mediterranean lamb dish. The south bay is worth visiting, worth exploring, and worth tasting.

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