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  • Marissa George

Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale Alternatives for the Budgeting Girl

If you are on instagram, or any form of social media you would know that the Nordstrom anniversary sale is currently happening. Chances are every fashion and beauty blogger you are following has posted no less than 10 different insta stories about how great the sale is and how you should be shopping the sale. And of course if you are a Nordstrom insider you get to shop the sale before the mere mortals do. (Anyone else wonder how much money you have to spend to become an insider?!)

If you are like me, and most of America you are probably on a budget and probably cant afford the "sale" price tags of some of the Nordstrom sale items. $180 for a dress on "sale", no thanks, $45 for a turtleneck sweater no thanks, $131 for a tote-bag ill say it thanks! As an average girl who loves shopping, clothes and looking cute, i do not appreciate the mob like way fashion bloggers push the Nordstrom sales without consideration for their followers.

I believe that everyone can look great and not break their budget, i also believe in rewearing and reusing until there is a need to purchase, rather than purchasing another turtleneck sweater to add to the collect because its trendy to shop at a specific place. If you are in need of a fall fashion update, i have found great options that will not break the bank and can be worn on a night out and to the office. Below are my picks of items that i would purchase at a price i can afford. I would love to hear feedback, are you buying from the anniversary sale? *Not every item below is shown in the picture above*

Brown trench coat $59.99 (click here )

Burgundy bomber jacket $38.00 ( click here )

Faux Fur short jacket $48.50 (click here )

Zipped biker Jacket $39.99 (click here )

Faux leather jacket $35.00 (click here )

Patterned tie hem blouse $24.99 (click here )

V Neck Blouse $24.99 (click here )

Sleeve less V neck blouse $24.99 (click here )

Large tote bag $18.99 (click here)

Reversible tote $29.99 (click here )

Long Cardigan $19.99 (click here )

Knit Sweater $9.99 (click here )

Short Cardigan $19.99 (click here )

Loose knit Cardigan $12.99 (click here )

Cardigan with Tie belt $24.99 (click here )

Oversized Blazer $32.00 (click here )

Mauve long sleeve trench $40.00 (click here )

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