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  • Marissa George

The 6 Rules I use when Shopping

Nothing can be more overwhelming than a shopping trip, especially if you hate shopping. I have always loved shopping, it something I sometimes wish i did for a living. I shop for myself and at times for my friends who ironically hate shopping ( most of my close friends do not like shopping). Over the years i have figured out ways to make my trips less stressful and more efficient. I created rules that have never steered me wrong and always leave me satisfied with my shopping trips, avoiding wasting money on items I would later regret.

  1. Waist defining clothes are universally flattering.

I don't know a woman who doesn't look good in a waist accentuating top, dress, or jumpsuit. Its universally flattering no matter your body type or size. Women with bigger bust ( like myself) tend to look more balanced and less top-heavy in tops or dresses that focus on the waist and not the bust. You can never go wrong with an outfit that gives you curves.

2.Know your closet

The best way to avoid purchasing too much of the same color or pattern is to know what you already have. Too many people go shopping without knowledge of what they actually need and end up always missing versatile basics (Like a white blouse or navy pants), or buying a trendy outfit that only gets worn once. If possible, always look through your closet before you go shopping or keep a notes tab in your phone with items you need to purchase or replace.

3. Know your measurements

If you've shopped long enough you would know that not all sizes are equal. For example my size in H&M maybe two sizes smaller than in Ann Taylor. The best way to always know what size would work best (besides trying on clothes) is to know your body measurements. Many sites have a sizing chart that requires you to know your bust, waist, and hip size. Trust me it will make your life easier, especially when you enter a store with weird European sizes ( I'm looking at you Zara), you'll be able to ask a sales associate for help because you know your measurements.

4. Avoid trends.

Do not waste your money! Purchase clothes that can be worn multiple times and if possible on different occasions. And if you must buy a trend limit the amount you buy, you will regret it if you end up with a closet full of floral dresses, multiple snakeskin print skirts, and too many faux fur slides.

5. Stick with Solids or muted patterns

If you love to rewear your clothes ( i mean who doesn't?) purchase more solid prints (or neutral color patterns) than bright color pattern prints. This is a tip my best friend brought to my attention. A patterned dress or top is often remembered when worn multiple times than a solid print item. Its the reason why many famous ladies including Megan Markle or Kate Middleton wear solid colors most of the time, it allows them to rewear a dress that doesn't create as much of a statement dress as one with a pattern.

6. But.. Don't be afraid to mix it up

I love patterns and i love print. I tend to gravitate to something that looks extra more so than i do neutral. Don't be afraid to mix it up and buy a few things that scare you or seem too out there. A well-structured closet has a mix of practical and statement pieces.


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