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  • Marissa George

Fall shopping guide : Boots

Now that summer is officially over (we all had that random heat wave a few weeks ago), it is time to transition into our first "fall-esq" wardrobe change, boots. Whether you are dusting off a pair from last fall , or desperately needing a new pair, boots or booties are a quintessential fall must have. Buying a pair of boots can and should be an investment. After all, no one wants to spend money every fall on a new pair of boots (or maybe you do, and that's ok ), we hope to make a purchase that will last us a season or two. My personal tips for purchasing boots are, avoid trends and pick quality over super affordable (aka cheap). Trends usually don't wear with every piece in our closet, and trends are really just meant to be a one season item. And the saying you get what you pay for goes for boots as well, you will end up having to repurchase and spend more money if your shoe falls apart. So without further banter, Here are my picks of timeless and affordable (a few splurge items) fall boots.

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