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  • Marissa George

Travel Guide : Day Trip, Baltimore MD / Washington D.C.

Baltimore, Maryland and Washington D.C. two neighboring cities with intertwining culture, character and history. Both places present visitors and locals with a rich history of the American evolution (magnificent monuments of the past), while embracing the new culture of the present. When visiting Baltimore it is impossible not to accidentally find yourself exploring Washington D.C. Beyond the shadow of government all around, D.C gives its visitors more than a history lesson, and Baltimore can prove to be more than the understated neighbor.

To stay - If you are visiting Baltimore/DC on a budget and for 24 hours, i suggest going with an Airbnb, not only is it affordable, what better way to get a locals insight into hidden hot spots. Most Airbnb host are knowledgeable and available to answer any questions about the area.

To eat : Busboys and poets. Think good food, with a hipster vibe. The menu has a little of everything for everyone's taste. There are even vegan meal and dessert options. Bus boys was originated as a hub for artist, activist, writers and thinkers, inspired by American poet Langston Hughes who worked as a Busboy at the Wardman Park Hotel in the 1920s. *Tip* Busboys is open late, it is the perfect spot to have a late dinner.

To visit : Of course what most people see while visiting DC are the monuments and the Smithsonian. While those are great, a good tip to avoiding the crowds is to see monuments at night, more parking, and less crowds. If you've already seen the monuments head to Baltimore to visit the George Peabody Library, or Baltimore National aquarium, or to Chinatown in Washington.

To enjoy : The nightlife in Baltimore/DC is amazing. U St offers visitors and locals an array of clubs, lounges, and local fast food restaurants . Rather than stick to one place, walk the strip, and end with a late night bite at &pizza (the line for this place was out the door at 2 am). If loud music and crowds are not your thing, head to DC to tour the monuments at night.

*Photo of Peabody Library credit : unknown Flickr account. Photo credit of Baltimore national aquarium : google images*

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