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  • Marissa George

My Top Holiday Party Picks

Its that time of year where you are probably getting more Christmas party invites than you care to attend. Office parties, friends parties, family gatherings, its all a great excuse to pull out your sparkly clothes that would otherwise be collecting dust in the back of your closet. Or if your like many, your looking for a new piece to add some flare to your holiday parties.

When shopping for holiday events, versatility is key for me. I believe in purchasing items that are trendy, but not too trendy that you will probably never be able to wear it again the following year. I have picked six great holiday party pieces that range from lace, to suede, to sequins; And they are very much appropriate for multiple wears from now to new years, and beyond. If you are still a little lost and have no idea where to begin, here are my three tips for holiday party shopping :

1. Don't go sequin crazy. One sequin dress is fine, but try not to over buy sequin-esq items. Remember sequins are usually only worn during the holidays, choose wisely.

2. Multiple wears. Buy items that can be worn throughout the year, to events like weddings, or other formal functions.

Look through your closet, it might surprise you3.. If you are on a budget ( i mean, who isn't?!) do not be afraid to buy one moderately piece, and pair it with something you already own. Do not be afraid to be creative with what you already own. You might just fall in love again with something once forgotten.

My Picks for this Holiday Party Season

Lace Blouse : H&M

Amelie Ruffle Tiered Sleeve Wrap Top : Boohoo

Glittery Dress : H&M

Faux Suede Pants : H&M

Velvet Pencil Skirt : NY&Co

Boutique Li Panelled Full Skirt Skater Dress : Boohoo

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