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  • Marissa George

My Top Four Online Resources for Women

If you are anything like me and live on your phone (especially at night), you would know that eventually there comes a point where the constant scrolling on Instagram can get a little repetitive and boring. Branching away from Instagram, or social media in general, there are a slew of blogs, and web based magazines that are producing content with women in mind. Web based magazine and blogs have become a hub for women looking for tips on health, career, relationships, and mindful lifestyle choices. As an avid reader, i love the option that online web magazines give to readers looking to be more intentional about their online activities and enhance their lifestyle. My top four sites are my constant go to when i am looking for a good read that i can share with my girlfriends, inspire me, or change my view point. Here are my top four sites for career women, or i should say for women who want to use their phones for more than just social media.

1. Career Contessa.

There is a reason this is number one on my list. Career Contessa gives women insight on building the career of their dreams, while presenting honest, non pretentious advice for women whatever industry of work. I first discovered CC when i was in graduate school desperately trying to figure out where i wanted to take my degree, and how i can achieve my goals professionally. I found the interviews with women in various fields insightful, and the advice for novices like myself valuable. CC also provide coaching services from women who are experts in their industry, and are looking to provide insight and help to women who prefer a more personal mentor ship. Whether you are looking to transition to a new field, wanting to negotiate a raise, or looking for work/life balance Career Contessa is your golden ticket. Career Contessa

2. The Every girl.

The Every girl is a lifestyle web magazine that gives its female readers a variety of insight on fashion, beauty, wellness, living and travel. The every girl stays on trend with articles written with women from all backgrounds in mind. If you are looking for variety and shareable content this is the place to be. The Everygirl

3. Verily Magazine.

This web based magazine never skips a beat. From pop culture articles written with readers in mind, to my personal favorite, the Gentlemen Speak articles written by men to women on a topics within the relationship realm, this web based magazine has it all covered. The philosophy behind this website its to present information that is , "less of who you should be, and more of who you are". If you are like me and crave more article that are more introspective, and present information catered to your lifestyle. Verily magazine is your new favorite read. Verily Magazine

4. Mindbodygreen.

Mindbodygreen's philosophy centers around positive physical, emotional and spiritual health, focusing its articles on intentional living, rather than quick fixes. Mindbodygreen introduced me to the concept of mindfulness and intentional living a few years ago. Before my introduction of these topics, my view of mindfulness or intentional living was jaded. I honestly thought this was a concept used by yoga enthusiast, or (no offense) hipsters. I was wrong, and i am now a full believer of the power of being mindful, and intentional about my everyday existence. Mindbodygreen promotes wellness first and provides articles to take you on the journey to living your best life, and of course all non yoga enthusiast welcomed.

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