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  • Marissa George

TLE Travels : Packing like a Pro

I don't love packing for a trip, am I excited to go on the trip..Yes ! Do I want to pack and pray that my bag isn't over weight..NO. Packing is an art form and I can confidently say I have it down to a science. This summer I had the task of packing for FIVE locations, that two months worth of clothes. As crazy as that sounds I had a plan, and really its the same plan I use every single time I travel, pack smart. What do I mean by packing smart? it means being realistic about how much I can fit in a suitcase (i.e. Not my entire closet), and making a list of events I know will require things like a formal dress, high heels, or a favorite item. Below are my Do's, Don't, and never leave home without it, packing list.

Things I never leave home without.

1. Strapless bra. 


3.Plastic bag. (Great for storing dirty laundry)

4.Pack of plastic shower caps (Great for shoe storage)

Big No No's

1.Packing toiletries in suitcase, and not in a travel bag

2.Packing hair products like gels, oils, serums without a ziplock bag

3.Packing full size 

Things I always do

1.Try on everything. Yes I try on everything I plan on taking with me. That way I can figure out what outfits work and what needs to stay home. its also a great way to mix and match, For example I can try on a pair of shorts with multiple tops, which saves me room in my suitcase for other needed items.

2.Reuse, recycle. I always reuse my travel size items. My Philosophy purity travel size face cleanser is one that I refill every time I travel, I also refill my dove mini body wash with whatever body wash is in my shower. Don't waist money repurchasing items that can be refilled or repurposed. 

3.Pack seamless and mostly dark colored underwear. I know that one might seem strange, but how embarrassing is it to put on a cute dress and realize you have pantylines. Save yourself the trouble and pack seamless . The same goes for bra's, it is not the time to pack a brand new pair that may or may not work with most of your clothes. Its important to pack what works, not just whats cute. 

The best way to pack

1. Write an itemized list. (i.e. How many of each item, 4 dresses, 3 tops, two shorts, 1 pair of jeans)

2. Use small linen bags for underwear and bra's (You shouldn't have to dig for your underwear or bra's)

3. Roll your clothes (Created extra space, and prevents wrinkles)

Suitcase Rules

1. Always buy light weight suitcases. If that suitcase you've been eyeing is a little heavy when empty, chances are your suitcase will always be over weight.

2.Always buy smaller suitcases that have indicated whether it is TSA approved as carry on luggage. If you haven't noticed most airlines check the size of your carry on luggage. To avoid the hassle of an extra charge, do your research 

3.Always research before you buy. Is the brand reputable, do they offer a minimum of 2 year warranty, is it durable. I personally read reviews like my life depends on it. Suitcases are investments that no one wants to waste money on.

Happy Traveling 

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