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  • Marissa George

Fall Must Haves

It is officially fall and i know you are just as excited as i am. Cozy sweaters, hot drinks, crisp cool air, and pumpkin everything. In the spirit of all things fall-esq i have compiled my favorite things to use or reach for this time of year, as well as some things on my wish list. From beauty, to home decor here are some of my must haves for the fall.


Clinique moister surge overnight mask - $35.00

I have used this for five plus years and it never disappoints. This moisturizer is made for night time use, but it is equally great on an extra cold day. It keeps my skin looking fresh and dewy, no dry spots or flaking with this product. { }

Bath and Body work candles - $24.50 or $12.95 on sale

Who does not love Bath and Body works fall candles?! I have been obsessed for years and this year i found my new favorite, Hot Coco and cream. This smells just like a hot cup of Hot Chocolate. Who doesn't want their home smelling like warm chocolate. Another favorite not pictures is Marshmallow Fireside. { }

Pottery Barn plush throw- $88.99 - $149.00

This is the softest throw blanket i have every felt. Not only is is beautiful, and soft it is also super cozy and does not shed. This pottery barn version is quite pricey, Target has a great option that is equally soft and affordable. { } or { $27.99 }

Sam Edelman Boots - $150.00

I feel in love with Sam Edelman shoes last winter and could not say enough great things about this brand. These boots are so comfortable and sturdy, no unforgettable blisters or sore feet at all! The only downside is the price, not everyone can afford to spend over $100 on boots, but if you can splurge it is worth it. H&M has a more affordable option here. { } or {}

Honest Company Everything primer - $21.99

Now that summer is over, looking for clean products that keep your skin looking fresh and glowy in the colder months can be challenging. I started using this Everything primer three weeks ago and it already a part of my everyday beauty routine. It adds a glow to your skin under foundation, and can be worn on its own for an effortless no make up look. Not to mention it is not nearly as expensive and many department store primers. {}


Biker Jacket - $59.99

This jacket is super chic and comfortable to wear. { } or { $45.00 }

Faux Fur Leather Jacket - $69.99

I like to think that this is a Leather Jacket with the volume turned up. We have all seen so many versions of leather jackets, this is probably my favorite. The faux fur gives an added chicness while keeping your body warm. Functional and cute ! { }

Cardigan- $17.99

Cardigans are great for the fall, they are versatile to wear at work and on a chilly night out or on the weekends. Cardigans also require minimal effort to put together, it will go with jeans, dress pants, dresses or skirts. ( }

Spanx faux leather pants- $98.00 - $102.00

Rather than throwing on a pair of jeans worn throughout the year, why not try something different with this leather pants from Spanx. I can not say enough good things about these pants, they are comfortable and they enhance and lift the booty. Everybody type looks great in these pants, and the material is super durable and lasting. For the price you are getting an item that will last you for a couple of years, however if you are not willing to shell out $100, Express has a more affordable option here. { } or {}

Add an additional pop of color to your fall wardrobe with this affordable crossbody from Target. { }

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