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  • Marissa George

My Favorites : 2018 Edition

2018 was very much a year of experimenting. Without really realizing it, i tried alot of new things that really transformed, and made my life easier in some areas. As someone who prides herself on sharing anything i think is amazing and worth trying, i wanted to share some of the favorite things i tried this year, and why i will probably continue to use them in 2019. Without further ado here are my 8 favorite things from 2018

My Phone : Samsung Galaxy S9+

Ok before all you iphone people stop reading this, i have always been an Android girl, and i will continue to be an Android girl..moving on. Around May of 2018 my old phone starting glitching, it could not hold a charge, which meant i had to constantly charge my phone, and it would sometimes turn off while i was on a call. It was beyond annoying, so i decided it was time for an upgrade. I mean, i did have my old phone for 7 years ( yes you read that right). As someone who believes if it aint broke don't spend hundred of dollars a year buying the newest phone. i did my research and knew i wanted to stick with the Samsung brand phones ( sorry iphone users), because if my old phone lasted 7 years why would i go with any other brand. Long story made short, i bought the phone and have been loving it ever since !

Spin Class

I know that soul cycle has a cult following, and i know that i am super late with the whole "spin is my life" motto, but i really fell in love with spinning...which i previously hated. My journey with spin started in the spring of 2018. Like many women i realized that summer was coming and i knew that i wanted to look snatched in my summer wear, so i joined 24 hour fitness and went to my first spin class. I lasted 10 minuted. By minute 5 of the class i knew i was going to either faint, or throw up, so to avoid embarrassment i left the class and vowed to never put myself through such a torturous activity again. Fast forward to fall of 2018 and i realized there were spin classes available in my neighborhood, and the first class was being offered for free. I attended, unsure if i would once again find myself leaving after 10 minutes, i didnt. i last the entire 45 minutes of the class and i was hooked ! I learned that if your spin place has crappy bikes (no offense 24 hour fitness) your workouts are uncomfortable and you are more likely to injure yourself. My advice give spin a try, whether that's at soul cycle or any other establishment, you might just like it.

Pilates Reformer

Not to sound like i am super into working out by adding another workout to my favorite list, but i loved this too. In the spring of 2018 i tried my first Pilates reformer class, and i loved it oh so much. The energy of the instructors, and the possibility of being as flexible as JLo in her music video I'm Glad, i am all the way in for it. If you have been to a traditional mat Pilates class and you want to try Pilates but with even more resistance, the reformer is for you.

My summer

Ok i know this is not a thing that you can buy or attend, but this past summer was the best part of my year. I traveled to some new and old places, like Arizona to see the grand canyon (bucket list moment), and to Walt Disney world with my best friend. I also went to Washington D.C to visit a close friend and plan her baby shower, attending my best friends engagement party in New York and spent time in southern California for my sisters birthday. I had two months of traveling and memory that made this past summer the best i have ever had, it reminded me that the happiest moments in life can not be purchased but experienced.

Rejuvi & The Ordinary skin care products

This year i learned alot about acid and how they can benefit our skin. Products with glycolic, lactic acid, AHA, Vitamin C have really been game changers for me. I started learning about these products on YouTube, i stumbled upon Narida Joy a famed Beverly hills celebrity esthetician, and Nadine Baggot a seasoned UK based beauty expert. Both women have years of experience on skin care and the right products for skin issues. After watching their videos and doing some research of my mind i started using products from the Rejuvi skin care line (AHA, acne treatment, and q flavanoid, exfoliating mask), and from The Ordinary skin care line (Vitamin C, Glycolic acid, Lactic acid). These products collectively have brightened my complexion, and smoothed my skin, as well as helped with monthly breakouts. I also learned alot about what ingredients are used in many commercial products and how important it is to use non-comedogenic products. I highly recommend doing your own research on your skin issues as well as the potential hard some commercial products can be to your overall skins health.

Sam Edleman shoes

I fell in love with Sam Edlemen shoes after reading about and purchasing there ballet flats. Although pricey, the quality and comfort of there shoes exceeded my expectations. Over the course of 2018 i bought four pairs of shoes ( crazy, i know) that i wear frequently without any soreness to my feet. i know that there brand of shoes are not the most inexpensive, but they offer great sales year round. If you are looking for quality shoes that will last you for longer than a season, this brand is for you.

Cream of Nature Argan Oil Shampoo

If you are a curly hair girl like me, you would know that keeping your hair moisturized can be very challenging, especially if you live in a hard water area. I was first introduced to this brand as a teenager when i had permed straight hair. i found that their relaxers were less harsh on my hair and the shampoo and conditioner worked wonders on my thick hair. Fast forward ten plus years with completely natural curly type 3c hair, i once again needed something to help manage my hair and give it the moisture it needed. After the first use of the Cream of Nature Argan Oil shampoo i saw a huge difference in my hair texture, as well as less time detangling and an overall better look to my hair. Not only is this shampoo and conditioner amazing, but it is inexpensive. Retailing for $4.98 at Walmart and $4.99 at Target. If you are looking for something to change your curly hair this is a product worth trying.

Anthropology Candles

Fun fact about me i am obsessed with candles. I absolutely love the ambiance of a room that has a beautiful smelling candle. As somewhat of a connoisseur of candles (i kid), i can tell you that the quality of Anthropology brand candles are absolutely amazing. They boost a 100 hour bruning time, as well as being packaged elegantly enough that a candle holder is not necessary. There candles have a wide variety of scents, retailing between $10- $40, my favorite being the Voluspa Cut glass jar candles which retail for $26, a little over the $24 price range of the beloved bath and body work candles, however anthropology's are of better quality (sorry bath and body works). If you want to give them a try, i suggest going with the $10 mini Voluspa before purchasing the $26 larger size candles, trust me you will not be disappointed.

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