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  • Marissa George

6 Professional Pieces To add To Your Closet This Spring

Spring is finally here to stay. Our sweaters and heavy coats are being pushed to the back of the closet, and shorter sleeves and lighter fabrics can finally see the light of day. In my humble opinion Spring is a tricky season to dress for. It is warm enough to limit layering, but not warm enough to show extra skin. . As a working women, finding clothes that are stylish, appropriate and affordable can be challenging. Spring however, gives us the opportunity to brighten and lighten our wardrobe after the long winter season. These 6 simple pieces are a great start to brighten up your look this season.

Trench Coat - $39.99 - HM

Patterned Slacks - $29.99 - HM

Dress Pants - $29.99 - HM

Flounce- Sleeve Dress - $29.99 HM

Tie Waist Rolled Sleeve Blouse - $23.94 (sale!) Express

Striped Cocoon Top - $29.94 (sale!) Express

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